Strabismus 101: Strabismus in Babies

Strabismus in babies is a very probable situation since genetics can bring about this condition. If your family has a known record of having this condition, you must stay prepared for the worst and have your infant treated right away, which is recommended as the eyes are very amenable to treatment at this point. Here are a few things that are worth knowing when dealing with strabismus in babies.

The first thing that you must remember about strabismus in babies is that it is common among infants below three months old to have crossed or wandering eyes.

The reason is that the infant still doesn’t know how to utilize both of his or her eyes. It could also mean that the baby is just tired. Therefore there is no reason for you to panic if there are instances when you’ve observed the eyes of your baby squint. However, if the baby does it very frequently even after he or she is older than 3 months, then it is advisable that you consult with an eye specialist for your child immediately.

Strabismus in babies must be taken care of right away as it may bring about an eye condition known as amblyopia or lazy eye. Persons with strabismus are not capable of using both their eyes simultaneously. As a result, their brain could altogether ignore the image from one eye and lead to the lazy eye condition. This is not good as making use of only one eye considerably lessens the field of vision and hinder depth perception.

There area few approaches in treating strabismus in babies. The eye specialist may prescribe corrective eyeglasses to improve the vision. Lazy eye that is caused by strabismus can be remedied with a corrective eye patch. The patch hides the good eye which makes the lazy eye do all the work and hopefully it will correct itself in the process. If both of these approaches do not work, another treatment option would be eye surgery or a series of it. While the brain is responsible for the lack of coordination of the eyes, the surgery only involves the fixing of the eye muscles therefore there is still a possibility that it may not work.