Basics of Surgery For Strabismus

Surgery for strabismus is one of the treatment choices that those who have strabismus can take. The operation is done on the extraocular muscles of the eyes to correct the unevenness. In surgery for strabismus, the eye muscles are tweaked to strengthen them, improving the patient’s vision as well as the appearance of the eyes.

There are four forms of surgery for strabismus that can be performed on the eye. The first kind is the weakening or the loosening procedures that entails recession, or moving the insertion of a muscle posteriorly towards its origin, tenomy, tenectomy, myotomy, and myectomy. The second type of procedure is the tightening or strengthening procedures which may involve resection, or the removing of a portion of the muscle and reattaching it to another part, tucking, or advancement of the eye muscle to a more forward position. Another type of procedure is the transposition or repositioning procedures. Finally, there is also the adjustable suture surgery that lets doctors shorten or lengthen the extraocular muscle after the procedure for a more precise adjustment.

The surgery for strabismus is a one day process only and the patient is required to stay in the hospital for only a few hours. Following the surgery, it is ordinary for the eyes of the patient to be red and sore because of the spots of blood in the surgical area. The redness should be gone in just within two to three weeks and the patient should be able to go back in his or her normal everyday activities within just a few days.

If your doctor tells you that you should undergo surgery for strabismus, do not forget to question to which extent will the surgery make your eyes look better and work better. Do not forget that the two main aims of surgery for strabismus are to give you cosmetic as well as binocular cure. There are even cases when more than one surgical procedure is required in order to fully accomplish these two functions, so you might as well ask about the expected number of surgeries as well. In addition, remember that surgery for strabismus does not modify the brain which controls and directs the eye muscles. In order to attain the best eye cision, you may have to add vision therapy to your treatment.