All About Strabismus Surgery in Adults

Strabismus surgery in adults is probably the most feasible solution for people with adult strabismus as eyeglasses and corrective patches may only work on children whose eyesight are still developing. An adult may acquire strabismus if the condition was left untreated or treated unsuccessfully in childhood, or after having specific illness or injury. Aside from affecting the binocular vision of the individual, strabismus in adults can also cause double visions as the brain cannot just ignore the image from one eye anymore. Here are a few practical things that you need to know about strabismus surgery in adults.

There are some benefits of strabismus surgery in adults. One of them is that the eye muscle surgery is a safe, effective, and proven procedure for treating strabismus in adults for all ages. No matter how old you are, you can still avail of strabismus surgery and it would still work. Another benefit of strabismus surgery in adults is that it repairs the misalignment of the eyes which will improve your appearance, and also repair the binocular vision resulting in a bigger field of vision and reacquire a proper depth perception. This can greatly influence you self-confidence and how you interact with other people as well.

Another fact that you have to learn about strabismus surgery in adults is that it can be compensated by your health insurance. Strabismus is a legitimate medical condition that causes functional disability among people who have it. Hence if you have a health insurance, you don’t have to fret about the payment for the surgery as it is already covered. Just make certain that you communicate with your insurance agency as well as the eye clinic where you will be operated before undergoing the surgery so that there will be no problems with the processing of the payment.

Finally, the procedure of strabismus surgery in adults is done under anesthesia so it is pain-free and you also have the option of having it done while you are awake. It is just a one day procedure and requires only a few hours of stay in the hospital. You may return to your normal everyday activities after just some days of rest after the opertationn.