A Guide to Strabismus in Children

Genetics plays a key role in the development of strabismus and therefore there are a lot of cases of strabismus in children. That is why strabismus in children is a very significant health issue. Unfortunately a few people think that children will grow out of it eventually and do not do anything to help their children. The truth is strabismus in children can be cured as early as ten years old as long as the child wears corrective lenses and eye patches. Here are some practical information about strabismus in children that you may find helpful.

If you identified early signs of strabismus in children on your baby, it is best that you have your child have his or her first eye exam when he or she is already 9 months old.

This is the ideal age as during this the time, the binocular vision system is already working. This entails the eye muscle coordination, the ability to see 20/20, and the focusing ability. Hence it is the best time to have the eyes of your kid examined for such eye problems. Furthermore, the eye at this stage is very receptive to treatments. However, if your baby is not yet 9 months old but is already exhibiting extreme or constant eye turns, then do not hesitate to have his or her eye examined earlier.

A few examples of strabismus in children are infantile estropia and accommodative estropia. Infantile estropia refers to the consistent inward turning of the eyes which occurs before 6 months of age. In contrast, accommodative estropia is the condition characterized by the inward turning of the eyes that happens between the age of 6 months and 7 years old.

The remedy for strabismus in children is dependent on the case. One of the most usual treatment procedures that are employed is the prescribing of eyeglasses. It serves to remove the turning of the eyes as well as the optical difference between the two eyes. Another treatment method for strabismus in children is the use of eye patch. The eye patch serves to stimulate the lazy eye, and therefore preventing double vision.