Corrective Laser Eye Surgery Pros And Cons

Corrective laser eye surgery is used by ophthalmologist to correct vision problem sin individuals. The use of laser technology for corrective laser eye surgery is now more common tan the older version of inserting lenses into the eye to deal with the vision problem. There are two common corrective laser eye surgery procedures today, Lasik and PRK.

Lasik Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

Lasik is one of the more common eye procedures done sine it has been approved by the FDA. This corrective laser eye surgery procedure entails making a flap on the outer portion of the eye and then using the laser energy to reshape the cornea. This corrective laser eye surgery can actually have the patient using the eyes as soon as just a few hours after the surgery. This very positive benefit of using Lasik can be incentive enough for individual who do not wish to have their eyes covered for a day or so. The procedure is usually done in a laser eye surgery clinic where the machine is stored for use. Recovery for this form of corrective laser eye surgery may take some time despite being able to use the eyes a few hours after the procedure. Medication may be used to help heal the flap opened for the laser to reshape the cornea.

PRK Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

PRK is the first corrective laser eye surgery procedure to be done. It was initially done outside of the United States of America and was approved by the country during the mid 1990’s. This procedure entails the removal of tissues from the eyes surface to reshape the eye and correct vision problems. In PRK there is no need to create the flap in Lasik and this means that there is less downtime for the patient and less pain in the eyes. The corrective laser eye surgery procedure is also supposed to have similar results as Lasik which means that it can be in the competition as an effective corrective laser eye surgery procedure. Nerve healing is also faster in PRK compared to Lasik.

Both of these corrective laser eye surgery procedures are quite effective but Lasik has gained popularity over the years. PRK, considered to be an older version of eye surgery may be making a comeback due to the benefits that it has over Lasik. In spite of this, many ophthalmologists and patients still prefer Lasik due ot many advancements in this form of surgery.

Post Operative Treatment With Cataract Surgery Eye Drops

After you have had surgery to remove your cataract or cataracts, it is imperative that you do use the cataract surgery eye drops that have been prescribed to you to use on a regular basis. The cataract surgery eye drops is not the same as any other eye drops as this has other ingredients which help with the speedy recovery of the surgery, and also keeps the eye moist due to the scratchy feeling that you will be experiencing after surgery, and besides that it will help they eye from getting infected.

Besides using the cataract surgery eye drops before the initial surgery it is also recommended that you begin using the cataract surgery eye drops a few days before the surgery, as this helps with fighting infection too while the surgery is being performed. The cataract surgery eye drops are also needed to numb the eye slightly from pain and discomfort which you will definitely know about once you had the surgery.

If you do not follow through with the cataract surgery eye drops you will soon find yourself back in the same seat, and as you know that this time you may very well have to pay for the cataract eye surgery cost again yourself, if you have already consumed your limits on your medical aid scheme.

Cataract Surgery Eye Drops: Allergy effect

Depending on your surgeon they will find out what you may be allergic to when prescribing your cataract surgery eye drops, as they need to know if it has anti-inflammatory chemicals in which could cause some problems if you are allergic to it, the doctor would have to find an alternative method for you.

Before you even needed surgery you may have experienced either blurred vision, brighter or duller colours in things around you, and also maybe what you see as halos around things, this is due to the location and size or thickness of the cataract that has impaired your vision. It is recommended that you go at least once a year to the optometrist for the full check up. At least you will know soon enough if any problems you may have can be treated early before the onset of blindness.

Cataract surgery is usually done within an hour and also done under local anaesthesia, so there is no worry about staying long in the hospital. Healing can take several days to weeks to months, depending on your age, your health and how you take care of your eyes after surgery, but it is important to go for your regular check ups after having the surgery too even if you feel fine.

The Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery Has Decreased Substantially

If surgery is what you wish to improve your eyesight, then you would need to consider the cost of lasik eye surgery. This technology has been around for quite a few years, and the demand has increased substantially, but since it’s birth, lasik operations and the cost of lasik eye surgery has quietened down quite a bit, due to demands and also technology making the procedure faster and cheaper in the long run.

The cost of lasik eye surgery today could cost in the region of two thousand dollars basically. That price would not usually include any other checkups that are required to ensure what the probable problem could be. The cost of lasik eye surgery has deterred a lot of people from having the procedure, while others are just adamant on having the procedure instead of having to wear glasses or lenses for the rest of their lives.

Even when paying the high cost of lasik eye surgery, this does not exclude you from the list of people who have had surgery only still to need glasses or lenses later on in life. Since part of the procedure would usually involve removing parts or layers of the cornea, there is only so much that can be removed. And if your vision still diminishes then glasses or lenses are the only other option to keep some sight for the while.

You may even find that some surgeons may not even charge a separate fee for the checkups required, but it is already included in the overall cost of lasik eye surgery.

Check For Medical Aid Coverage In Relation To Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery

Since the cost of lasik eye surgery is expensive, some medical aid schemes may not cover the lasik eye surgery cost. One would think that prevention is better than cure, and that the medical schemes would cover it, but double check with them too on how much they will cover if anything.

Quick Laser Surgery With Less Pain

This procedure is probably a one night stay in the hospital and probably two days off from work. The pain in this procedure is also a lot less than the traditional scalpel. For paying the cost of lasik eye surgery, the pain will be then covered too within a couple of days.

After Effects Of Procedure

Even though some people have had some problems after having lasik surgery, not all is bad. These problems which seem more evident at night are due to the lens being larger at night and therefore the changes the degree of light refraction through the cornea which was originally altered.

Eye Muscle Surgery Cost: Travel Abroad For Cheaper Options

If you are worried about high eye muscle surgery cost in the US then you have to take a close look at getting the same kind of surgery done overseas in countries such as India where you will only have to pay a third of the eye muscle surgery cost being charged in the US and in other western countries. However, eye muscle surgery cost even in India will vary according to the facilities though the standard of surgery is certainly comparable to what is available in the US.

Go To The Philippines For Cheap Eye Muscle Surgery Cost

Of course, if you are willing to pay between two thousand and five thousand dollars as eye muscle surgery cost then you need not travel overseas because for this price you can get some good options in the US. The Philippines is another destination where low eye muscle surgery cost attracts many foreign tourists. Here, you can get a reasonably priced eye muscle surgery package deal that for the eye muscle surgery cost includes cost of operation theater time, anesthesia (local only) and PACU charges as too cost of scrub nurse, circulating nurse as well as cost of medical gas.

In the US you can get good eye muscle surgery done for a reasonable cost and it only depends on the nature of the operation and the severity of the condition. Sometimes an eye specialist will diagnose the problem as being simple and for such surgery the cost involved is not going to be a major cause for concern.

It also pays to check out a few different websites regarding their eye muscle surgery costs and by also emailing them and enquiring regarding minimal charges you can with a bit of luck find a clinic where eye muscle surgery costs are low.

In India, there are some good resources including Forerunners Healthcare that is well known in that country as it provides good quality of eye care and at about a fourth of the cost that similar eye muscle surgery will cost you in the US. Most surgeons at Forerunners Healthcare have been trained in the US and in UK and so can provide the best in eye muscle surgery.

As for eye muscle surgery recovery there is no hard and fast time within which a patient the patient can be said to have completely recovered. Still, following this form of eye surgery there are a few things to take into account including feeling irritation in the eye.

The Need For Eye Surgery

Our eyes are important parts of the body that show us the world. Defective or ruined eyes often affect the life of a person in many levels. Eye surgery is one answer to some eye problems that arise in a person. There are many different forms of eye surgery techniques and methods as well as many different forms of eye defects and problems. The need for surgery of the eyes or eye is always there because of the need for a person to use his sight. Our sense of sight is one of the main sense that we rely on, which is why surgery is often a need.

Common Eye Surgeries

The laser eye surgery is eye surgery that has become quite common these days. This form of surgery is for individuals who have refractive and non refractive condition in the eyes. Many people think that this type of eye surgery is exclusively for refractive condition s but it is not. The use of a laser can actually heal tears in the retina and at the same time be used to promote better eyesight through refractive surgery.

Cataract Surgery

This form of eye surgery is the most common for the eyes. A cataract is a development that one has in the eyes that causes cloudy vision and lightening o f the eye color, specifically around the rim of the pupils. Aging, trauma to the eyes and disease are the main causes of this eye condition. Eye surgery is actually quite easy and has little or no complications afterwards. The insertion of a new lens may be necessary if the vision has been too affected by the cataract.

These two common eye surgeries are actually necessities for people to be bale to lead normal lives. Many people find refractive eye surgery quite costly which is why a lot of people do not have this done despite the need to do so. The fact that this form of eye surgery can actually bring the person back to twenty/twenty vision is impressive. There are times, though, that the surgery may not fully restore eyesight to its optimum level. These times are few and far between but the chances of this happening are still tangible.

Cataract surgery is probably the most commonly performed surgery because this eye condition can happen to anybody. This form of surgery is quite simple and the commonality of the procedure has rendered the eye surgery with little complications.