Will I Still Have To Wear Eye Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

One of the issues that has always concerned eye muscle surgeons is the possibility of eliminating the need to wear eye glasses after cataract surgery.

Whilst recovering during the postoperative period, most people will continue to use eye glasses after cataract surgery.Depending on the visual results, some people may be extremely disappointed and perhaps even angry that their vision is not what they thought it would be and that they will still have to wear eye glasses after cataract surgery.

In some cases wearing eye glasses after cataract surgery is due to a patient having underlying eye conditions such as glaucoma, conditions due to diabetic complications and retinitis pigmentosa, where the visual outcome depends entirely on the severity of the underlying condition.

In order to establish whether or not you will have to wear eye glasses after cataract surgery it is extremely important to discuss possible outcomes with your Doctor prior to the surgery. In some cases it is possible that your Doctor may recommend that you be evaluated for additional optical devices.

It is vital that one should always bear in mind that wearing eye glasses after cataract surgery may remain a possibility depending on the outcome and results of the surgery itself. Bearing this in mind will prevent disappointment.

Eye Glasses After Cataract Surgery: Be Prepared For Results

Good eye cataract surgery results are not always guaranteed and people are often left regretting the decision to have the surgery. Anger may be experienced due to the fact that in some cases people may still have to wear eye glasses after cataract surgery.

For example it is not uncommon for most people who wear bifocals or reading glasses for near vision before surgery to still need to wear eye glasses after cataract surgery.

Can The Cataracts Come Back?

Eye cataract surgery results will differ in each individual case and is also dependent on any other conditions or complications that may exist.Due to the fact that all or part of the lens has been removed a cataract cannot return.

In some cases, however, the posterior capsule that supports the intra-ocular lens can become cloudy several months or years after the surgery has taken place. This is called an “after cataract” and causes the same vision problems as a cataract does.The good news in this case is that if this does occur, there is a solution.

The treatment for this condition is a procedure called YAG capsulotomy. The doctor uses a laser beam to make a tiny hole in the capsule to let light pass. This procedure is painless and takes about 15 minutes. This surgery does not require a hospital stay nor does it require any recuperation.