Post Operative Treatment With Cataract Surgery Eye Drops

After you have had surgery to remove your cataract or cataracts, it is imperative that you do use the cataract surgery eye drops that have been prescribed to you to use on a regular basis. The cataract surgery eye drops is not the same as any other eye drops as this has other ingredients which help with the speedy recovery of the surgery, and also keeps the eye moist due to the scratchy feeling that you will be experiencing after surgery, and besides that it will help they eye from getting infected.

Besides using the cataract surgery eye drops before the initial surgery it is also recommended that you begin using the cataract surgery eye drops a few days before the surgery, as this helps with fighting infection too while the surgery is being performed. The cataract surgery eye drops are also needed to numb the eye slightly from pain and discomfort which you will definitely know about once you had the surgery.

If you do not follow through with the cataract surgery eye drops you will soon find yourself back in the same seat, and as you know that this time you may very well have to pay for the cataract eye surgery cost again yourself, if you have already consumed your limits on your medical aid scheme.

Cataract Surgery Eye Drops: Allergy effect

Depending on your surgeon they will find out what you may be allergic to when prescribing your cataract surgery eye drops, as they need to know if it has anti-inflammatory chemicals in which could cause some problems if you are allergic to it, the doctor would have to find an alternative method for you.

Before you even needed surgery you may have experienced either blurred vision, brighter or duller colours in things around you, and also maybe what you see as halos around things, this is due to the location and size or thickness of the cataract that has impaired your vision. It is recommended that you go at least once a year to the optometrist for the full check up. At least you will know soon enough if any problems you may have can be treated early before the onset of blindness.

Cataract surgery is usually done within an hour and also done under local anaesthesia, so there is no worry about staying long in the hospital. Healing can take several days to weeks to months, depending on your age, your health and how you take care of your eyes after surgery, but it is important to go for your regular check ups after having the surgery too even if you feel fine.