Knowing The Lasik Eye Surgery Risks Beforehand

As with any surgery, lasik eye surgery risks are there. They are possibilities which may never occur, but as long as the patient is aware of the lasik eye surgery risks before agreeing to surgery, the surgeon doing the surgery would have the indemnity form in hand to protect them from being sued later, if the patient is not happy with the outcome.

Making An Informed Decision About Lasik Eye Surgery Risks

When you undergo your checkups for the surgery, you will be informed about how much your vision can be improved depending on what your original condition is and the thickness or damage to the cornea itself. This is not part of the list of lasik eye surgery risks, but still good to know what the possible outcomes may be that you will also be informed about. If the chances of only going blind were there, you would not consider the lasik eye surgery risks at all, and then refuse point blank against the surgery.

Thank goodness for the technology of laser that this has not been the case yet and only even partial improvements to eyesight is better than none.
While there is a difference between lasik eye surgery risks and lasik eye surgery complications, they may seem to be closely related, but still remain far apart. The risks are things that could or could not happen as a result of surgery or during surgery based on chance. Complications would be the things that create more problems, hitches and glitches, difficulties and worries.

At the end of the day the patient requesting the lasik eye surgery and accepting the lasik eye surgery risks has to live with their decisions. Their vision will definitely be improved and even though there may be a bit of sensitivity to the eye area, it is recommended not to get other liquids in your eyes after surgery for at least the following week. Getting soap in your eyes, pool water or strange eye drops which were not prescribed for you by the surgeon for the recovery period should be avoided. The special eye drops prescribed to you that has an anti-inflammatory ingredient to it, prevent infection of the layers of cornea that need to heal.

Follow Up Appointments Should Be Kept

You will be informed to follow through with all appointment that follows surgery, even if you feel your eyes seem fine. That is not for only you to judge, as you don’t have the tools to check what the surgeon has done to your cornea in the first place.