Eye Muscle Surgery Recovery Period Varies According To Individuals

Fortunately, eye muscle surgery recovery does not involve feeling much pain though at the same time your eyes will start to feel very scratchy. In addition, the eyes will turn red in color and they will water quite a bit as well. You might also experience some amount of hemorrhage that occurs below a certain membrane that is situated above the whites of your eyes though this hemorrhaging settles down within 2 to 3 weeks.

Like A Bruising While Eye Muscle Surgery Recovery

During eye muscle surgery recovery you can expect that there may be some discoloration to the eye that reminds you of a bruise and in addition you have to reckon with having the membranes thickening above the eye and this means that you will simply have to wait for a few weeks for the condition to clear.

During eye muscle surgery recovery period you will also notice some swelling as well as discharge though there is nothing to worry on account of the swelling which is actually minor and which occurs a couple of days following the surgery after which you will be able to open your eyes once more as the swelling will have disappeared.

Driving is of course not permitted during the eye muscle surgery recovery period which means that you will need someone to drive you about. Taking aspirin as well as non-steroidal inflammatory agents for two to three days following eye muscle surgery is not recommended. Furthermore, during eye muscle surgery recovery period you need to discuss which medications are safe to take though only your surgeon or doctor will be able to advise you in this regard.

Typically, there is no one fixed eye muscle surgery recovery period and it varies according to individual conditions and here again you will need to be advised by your surgeon regarding how long you need to wait before performing normal routine activities. Also, during eye muscle surgery recovery you need to avoid getting your eyes wet for at least three if not four days and swimming of course is not recommended.

For some, there is also risk that during the eye muscle surgery recovery period that they will have a mild attack of double vision with young children experiencing this for a little longer than is the case of adults.

As for adult eye muscle surgery it is believed that about one in thousand adults will need to undergo this kind of surgery which is fewer than in the case of children (one in 640). In regard to eye muscle surgery recovery it is also recommended that you take an appointment with your surgery for about eight weeks after the surgery to see how well or poorly the eyes has stabilized.