Eye Cataract Surgery Results And The After Effects

The vast majority of patients who undergo surgery report excellent eye cataract surgery results. However, in some cases eye cataract surgery results are not what the patient expected and cataract removal does not always result in complete improvement in vision.This is due to the fact that sight is dependent on many other factors, such as the “health” of the retina, which may also be impaired.

Eye Cataract Surgery Results: Alternatives Where Complete Sight Has Not Been Gained

In cases where eye cataract surgery results do not provide a marked improvement, proper prescription eyewear can usually further enhance vision to that of an acceptable range. For example prescription lenses can be designed to allow the eye to focus clearly once again.

Another option should eye cataract surgery results show that there is not a significant improvement, is contact lenses or lens implantation after surgery to improve vision and depth perception. In general cataract surgery is highly successful and significant, sight-threatening complications are extremely rare. Most eye cataract surgery results do show a marked improvement.

How to Avoid Pain And Discomfort

In addition to what one can experience with regard to eye cataract surgery results there is also a bit of discomfort that should be expected after surgery.

Most patients only experience minimal discomfort after cataract surgery, and they may also encounter some mild redness or a sensation of itchiness in the affected eye. Some patients may experience pain after cataract eye surgery but this is quite rare and extreme pain would be of concern to your doctor. The eye will feel very gritty and this is quite normal. Pain symptoms that cause anxiety should be reported immediately to your Doctor.

Although light is not harmful, extreme glare should be avoided in the interests of comfort; Sunglasses often help and it is recommended that you wear them when exposing your eyes to extreme light.

One should be very aware of keeping the hands clean and hygienic at all times as touching the eye with dirty hands could result in an infection which would most certainly cause pain after cataract eye surgery.
This in itself would run the risk of affecting the eye cataract surgery results should the infection become severe.

Precautions And General Guidelines

How your vision responds right after the surgery will most certainly vary from person to person. Some patients will see clearly almost immediately following the surgery, while others may experience blurred vision for a week or so. It is possible that double vision can even occur right after the procedure, but if so, this usually doesn’t last more than a day or two.

Driving should be avoided until the blurred vision has passed. Physical activity may be resumed immediately after surgery but should also be kept to a minimum, and one should check with your doctor what is considered as acceptable activity.

Bathing and showering is acceptable but patients should be very careful not to get any water in the eyes. It is considered safe to watch television or to read a book. Avoid touching the eye area if possible.