Corrective Laser Eye Surgery Pros And Cons

Corrective laser eye surgery is used by ophthalmologist to correct vision problem sin individuals. The use of laser technology for corrective laser eye surgery is now more common tan the older version of inserting lenses into the eye to deal with the vision problem. There are two common corrective laser eye surgery procedures today, Lasik and PRK.

Lasik Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

Lasik is one of the more common eye procedures done sine it has been approved by the FDA. This corrective laser eye surgery procedure entails making a flap on the outer portion of the eye and then using the laser energy to reshape the cornea. This corrective laser eye surgery can actually have the patient using the eyes as soon as just a few hours after the surgery. This very positive benefit of using Lasik can be incentive enough for individual who do not wish to have their eyes covered for a day or so. The procedure is usually done in a laser eye surgery clinic where the machine is stored for use. Recovery for this form of corrective laser eye surgery may take some time despite being able to use the eyes a few hours after the procedure. Medication may be used to help heal the flap opened for the laser to reshape the cornea.

PRK Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

PRK is the first corrective laser eye surgery procedure to be done. It was initially done outside of the United States of America and was approved by the country during the mid 1990’s. This procedure entails the removal of tissues from the eyes surface to reshape the eye and correct vision problems. In PRK there is no need to create the flap in Lasik and this means that there is less downtime for the patient and less pain in the eyes. The corrective laser eye surgery procedure is also supposed to have similar results as Lasik which means that it can be in the competition as an effective corrective laser eye surgery procedure. Nerve healing is also faster in PRK compared to Lasik.

Both of these corrective laser eye surgery procedures are quite effective but Lasik has gained popularity over the years. PRK, considered to be an older version of eye surgery may be making a comeback due to the benefits that it has over Lasik. In spite of this, many ophthalmologists and patients still prefer Lasik due ot many advancements in this form of surgery.