After Eye Muscle Surgery – Discharge Instructions

Care after eye muscle surgery is very important as it requires additional attention with the patients for clear vision. Especially eye muscle surgery for children requires extra care as the child cannot follow instructions correctly. Someone needs to take attention for the patient’s well being.

What Changes Should One Look For After Eye Muscle Surgery

The patient’s eye will be rather red or look “bloodshot,” with any puffiness of the lids, as well as a little amount of pink or red drain. If the patient cries, the teardrops will be pink- tinted for a day or two. There may be tenuous bruising under the eye.
There should be no further eye drain or a raise in inflammation or puffiness the second day after eye muscle surgery. If there is, contact the doctor.
Scratching the eye is normally not a trouble; however, it is better to fend off inordinate rubbing. Keep the eye bandage or dressing in place if apprized to do so by the doctor.

When Can the Patient Eat?

Sickness and puking are normal after eye muscle surgery. If this happens, a clear fluid diet given tardily will assist. When fully awaken, the patients may have clean fluids like 7-Up, Jell-O, Popsicles and apple juice. If the food taken stays down and the child remains fully awaken, the patient may then begin the normal diet.

How should One Care for the Patients Eyes?

It may be hard for the patient to open the eyes the following morning due to dried drain on lashes. Rub drainage off by a washrag or cotton balls soused in warm water. Use eye cream or drops as instructed by the doctor. Softly pull down the lower lid and compress about a ¼ inch line into the space. Then have the patient look upward, and place a drip in the lower lid. Force used to open the lids should be placed on the eyebrow and face, not on the eye.

How Much Activity Can the Patient Do?

The patient may be sleepy-eyed the day of after eye muscle surgery and may take an additional nap. Try to maintain your child in a calm, dimmed area — shining light may be annoying to the eyes for many days after eye muscle surgery. Most patients can go back to usual activity in 24 hours. The patient can move the eyes as much as is comfy after operation. The patient may find double vision directly after operation. If so, assure the patient that this indicants normally vanishes in a few days or weeks.