A Guide To Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Many of us are not happy with certain aspects of our looks, and wish to alter them. As we grow older, the body naturally starts to degenerate slowly, and alters the way we look and feel. Most people like to reverse this aging effect, and with the advancement in cosmetic and plastic surgery, it has now become possible to enhance many bodily features.

Blepharoplasty is the medical term for cosmetic eyelid surgery. This surgery removes the extra skin, fat and muscles from the upper and lower eyelids. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is mainly used to get rid of bags under the eyes and dropping lids, making the person look old and tired. The cosmetic eyelid surgery however cannot remove wrinkles around eyes or under eyes dark circles.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Procedure

People who want to get the cosmetic eyelid surgery done must be physically and mentally fit. It is also important to keep the expectations realistic about the way you want to look after the surgery. Anyone with the baggy eyelids or over 35 years of age can undergo this procedure. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a risky procedure for people suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure. There are risks and complications associated with the eyelid procedure, just like any other surgery and it requires the bill of perfect from your doctor.

Prior to cosmetic eyelid surgery, talk to your doctor in detail, and discuss all the details about the operation. Doctor will need to know your medical history, and any allergies. Length of surgery depends on whether you are getting single, or both the eyelids operated. Surgeon makes the incision along the natural lines so that scars are invisible.

After the cosmetic eyelid surgery, follow all the instructions accurately and carefully for faster recovery. Post surgery, there might be some blurring and double vision, but it will get back to normal gradually. It is alright to watch television and reading 2-3 days after operation, but wait for almost 10 days before going back to work. If you feel sensitive to sunlight, wear sunglasses when going out. Healing usually takes almost six months, and after that, the signs of surgery are almost invisible.

Before going for cosmetic eyelid surgery, make sure that the surgeon’s clinic meets certain safety standards, and is certified by local health department. Ask your surgeons regarding membership or affiliation to any recognized organization. Eyelid plastic surgery can be expensive, and is usually not covered under insurance, but don’t make cost as the only deciding criteria. It is also important not to be fooled by unrealistic offers.