Who Or What Is An Eye Care Medical Group?

Typically, an eye care medical group is one that would consist of people that specialize in different aspects of eye care and would include people such as ophthalmologists and optometrists as too opticians. For an average person what these professionally qualified eye care medical group people do is not always all that clear and so it could easily lead them into seeing the wrong person and that means improper care and loss of time. It is therefore necessary to understand what each of the eye care medical group personnel do and then see the one that will be able to deal with your eye problems.

Eye Care Medical Group: Know What An Ophthalmologist Does

An ophthalmologist is part of the eye care medical group and in fact is fully trained in providing best care for a person’s eyes. From examining the eyes to doing surgery to prescribing the patient proper corrective lenses to diagnosing diseases of the eye the ophthalmologist does it all. They are therefore vital parts of any eye care medical group and to get that far they need to have studied for at least four years at a medical school after which they should have completed another year of internship plus done three years of special training to perform surgeries that will help to take better care of the eyes. In fact, an ophthalmologist is always an MD or doctor of osteopathy.

Optometrists too are included in eye care medical groups though they are not as qualified as ophthalmologists but can nevertheless provide limited amount of eye care in spite of not having a medical degree. In fact, optometrists should have completed four years of optometry studies and should be capable of diagnosing different eye disorders as well as handles glaucoma cases as too cataracts.

The third type of person that forms part of an eye care medical group is the optician who basically assists ophthalmologists as too optometrists in taking proper care of a person’s eyesight. Such people need to have completed two years at a technical college and should be able to recommend suitable eye care after having examined the patient’s eyes. These are part of an eye care medical group that can order prescriptions and determine which lenses are most suitable for correcting vision and of course they should be able to repair and adjust contact lenses and spectacle frames.

Medical surgical eye care is often necessitated when the eyes weaken severely or when certain diseases mar the proper functioning of a person’s eyes. To ensure that you get the best in eye care surgery it is necessary that you choose an eye care center that provides comprehensive services including those of medical surgery.