The Best Eye Care Products

There are seven types of best eye-care products available. Each product have one or more active and inactive components.
Artificial tears

Lubricants also known as artificial tears are synthetic, water-based solutions that are utilized to lube the eye and inspissate tears. Artificial tears are articulated as solutions or drops. The ingredients in artificial tears that give the lubrication include cellulose ethers (hydroxymethylcellulose or HPMC), polyvinyl alcohol or PVA, povidone or PVP and retinol solutions (containing vitamin A). Examples of artificial tears include Akwa Tears (drops), Tears Naturale, and Refresh Tears. Artificial tears normally are dealt out three times every day.

Ointments or Emollients Among Best Eye Care Products

Ointments also are utile lubricants. These are best eye care products and are not water-based and have lubricating components same as petroleum jelly. Examples of ointments are DuraTears Naturale, Lacri-Lube, and Refresh PM. Their advantage over a water-based solution having HPMC, PVA or PVP is that they stay in the eye longer. Emollients normally are utilized twice a day.

Eye washes

Eye washes also called as ocular irrigants are utilized to clean and/or rinse debris from the eye. These are best eye care products and are equilibrated to the suitable acidity and electrolyte density so as to be non-irritating to the eye. Washes are useable as liquids, solutions or drops. These products may have boric acid with sodium borate, sodium phosphate, or sodium hydroxide to keep the suitable acidity. Examples of washes include AK Rinse, Dacriose, and Eye-Stream.


Hyperosmotics are the best eye care products and are utilized to treat corneal swelling. Hyperosmotics draw water out of the cornea and thus decrease corneal swelling. Most OTC hyperosmotics have sodium chloride in several focuses as either a solution or an ointment. The 2percnt solution inclines to cause less prickling and burning than the 5percnt solution. An instance of a hyperosmotic for corneal swelling is Adsorbon a C.


Eyelid scrubs are best eye care products and are useable for moving out oils, debris, or loose skin that can be linked with eyelid redness. Soap agents PEG-200 glycerol tallowate or PEG-80 glycerol cocoate provide the foaming action. An instance of this kind of product is Eye-Scrub.

Eye care health products may have lubricants alone or lubricants combined with medicines normally as medicined eye drops. The medicined eye drops may have decongestants or antihistamines. A second group of chemical decongestants are the imidazoles (naphazoline, tetrahydrozoline, and oxymetazoline). Imidazoles are longer acting than phenylephrine and have lower side effects, including rebound congestion.