What is an Extended Wear Contact Lens

Extended wear contact lens are lenses that may be worn in an extended period of time unlike the daily wear contact lens. The Food and Drugs Administration approved these extended wear contact lenses, without removal for up to seven days.

There are new innovations in extended wear contact lens. Silicone hydrogel is a new type of soft contact lens material that permits more air to go to the cornea; the FDA approved this to be worn up to a month without removal. This type of lens is called the continuous wear”.

At first, many eye care practitioners frown on the use of extended wear contact lens because the incidence of eye infections are greater on those who wore them overnight. Extended wear contact lenses poses a hazard to the eyes because of the organisms might be lodged on the lenses. Micro organisms thrive in warm and moist environment and the cornea is the best place for them as oxygen does not penetrate the area well whenever a contact lens is worn. It may only start as pink eye but if it is left untreated it may lead to serious conditions like blindness.

Because of the growing popularity of the disposable contact lens, extended wear contact lens is making a comeback. The reason that people acquire eye infections is after they take off their extended lenses and despite cleaned with contact lens solution it was impossible to remove all the proteins and lipids and other deposits accumulated on the lens. Inflammation and infection is often caused by the bacteria that bred in the contact lenses every time an individual takes it off. To prevent infection from contaminants in the contact lenses, it is required to be thrown away right after removing.

The main causes of infections and discomfort can be attributed to improper cleaning and disinfecting but one also has to consider the lifestyle as well. Make sure to avoid exposure to smoke, wearing the contact lens when swimming because this may also leas to serious complications due to infections. You must ask an eye doctor whether an extended contact lens is appropriate for your needs.