Dry Eyes and Contact Lens

Before, people with dry eyes are discouraged to wear contact lenses because this would make the symptoms turn for the worse. It’s a wrong impression because dryness also occurs for the normal contact lens wearer. Advance technology has made it possible for people with dry eyes, to wear contact lens. People with dry eyes can also wear the lenses for an extended period of time due to advances in lenses technology and lens care products.

The contact lens fro dry eyes tries to make sure that it won’t cause corneal scars and damage to eye tissues. Since the eyes fail to produce enough tears, thus it is unnourished and does not have stable tear firm. In view of this, manufacturers continue to research and improve on contact lens for dry eyes. They would experiment and develop new materials like polymers and gels that is known for water retention.

Contact lenses for dry eyes are composed of special compounds with a function of checking dryness and other purposes. Silicone hydrogel controls the water buildup and gives a soothing and comfortable feeling to the eyes. It provides moisture despite having lesser water.
Silicone hydrogel are made up of components that have oxygen permeability, meaning it allows a healthy amount of oxygen to the cornea.

New polymers are being developed and employed to combat dryness problems. Omarfilcon A is one particular polymer that is employed by manufacturers to come up with biocompatible contact lenses. It is specifically designed to fit comfortably and adjust to the characteristics of the eyes.To keep the lens moist and comfortable, soft contact lenses are mad of hydrophilic polymers. This will allow your eyes to be properly hydrated.

It is also important to note that rigid gas permeable lenses are good contact lenses for dry eyes. Because this type of lens is composed of plastic, it is firm therefore it does not dehydrate the eye. The plastic that composes rigid gas permeable lenses is oxygen permeable.

It is always wiser to visit an eye practitioner for diagnosis to check if you have dry eyes. You have to make sure that you will follow all the instruction given in the manual to avoid eye complications, if ever your doctor gave you the permission to wear contact lens.