Different Types of Cosmetic Contac Lens

Cosmetic contact lens grew popular because of colored lenses. Colored lenses is not only made for superficial purpose but it can actually be worn to correct vision. Cosmetic contact lenses are not different from normal contact lenses but they come with an added attraction of a changed color.

There are various cosmetic contact lens types. One is a visibility tint, usually a very light tint colored light blue or green. This tint is added as a special feature for the wearer so that it is noticeable every time one takes it out of one’s eyes or in the case. This is meant for convenience than for changing eye color.

Another is the Enhancement tints, these are cosmetic lens that is usually darker and solid yet translucent tint than the visibility tint. Individuals use this cosmetic contact lens to enhance their eye color. A more intense effect in their eyes is achieved when using this cosmetic contact lens.
The next type of cosmetic contact lens is opaque tints that can drastically change eye color. It is specifically made of solid color patterns and it is available in different colors. As mentioned above, opaque lenses will completely replace the natural color with the color of the lens. People use this to change to color of their eyes for various reasons.

Light filtering tints are another type of cosmetic contact lens. It is the current advancement in the technology of cosmetic lens. It is practically made for sports use, it can mute some colors and enhance specific colors, for example the color of a tennis ball or a baseball. Due to this technology, the ball stands out against the backdrop, which gives the hitter a better chance to make contact with the ball.

Lastly, keep in mind that a person should seek advice from professionals before using this cosmetic contact lens. Doctors can make sure those contact lenses are appropriate for you. They may also aid in fitting the contact lens to avoid eye irritation or infection aside from diagnosing if you need prescription for your cosmetic contact lens.