Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Disposable contact lenses are made to wear for only a certain period and must be replaced after the date of prescription.
Millions of people have been using them. Eye care practitioners and consumers for health and convenience benefits prefer disposable contact lenses.

The frequency of usage can determine what type of disposable contact it is. The term of replacement of disposable contact lenses, ranges from one day to two weeks.
Frequent replacement lenses are replaced monthly, or quarterly while the traditional or reusable lenses are replaced every six months or longer. Disposable contact lens can also refer to one-day disposables, or contacts that can be discarded after one day of use and replaced the next day. Despite the numerous benefits it offers, people really prefer them for their convenience. Cleaning and or disinfecting them are not a problem.
Once the lenses are taken off, it’s time to discard them. Since the lenses are replaced every time, the wearer always has a fresher, cleaner and sterile lens.

Disposable contact lens are more comfortable despite the accumulation of deposits brought about by tears. These deposits causes irritability that may lead to infection.

Before wearing disposable contact lens, it’s important to have a comprehensive eye examination, so that the optometrist or ophthalmologist can diagnose if your pair of eyes can wear contacts. Make sure to check the leading brands and always follow the instructions when it comes to replacing them.

Finally, always dispose of disposable lens. Once they are taken off, do not reuse them. Don’t wear your lenses more than the prescribed time, it may be cost-efficient but it puts a lot of risk on your set of eyes. If your eyes are agitated and you become uncomfortable, remove your lens and consult a doctor.

Disposable contact lens is a new, innovative way of wearing lenses; it’s less complicated and very convenient. Check what brand conforms to your needs with your doctor.