Contact Lens for Astigmatism

An eye ailment resulting in blurred vision is called astigmatism. It is caused by the non-symmetry between the shape of the cornea and the lens of the eye. The cornea gets shaped like a football, or back of a spoon, causing loss of vision. Astigmatism is the difference in curvature in the different medians in the parts of the eye.

Using myopia and hyperopia, there are five types of astigmatism. Simple myopic astigmatism is a condition wherein one meridian is nearsighted and the other is functioning free of any impairments. Compound myopic astigmatism has both nearsighted meridians, and one of which has a worse case of myopia. The other is called simple hyperopic astigmatism where in one meridian is farsighted while the other is free of both myopia and hyperopia. Compound hyperopic astigmatism deals with both meridians that are farsighted with one meridian having a worse case compared to the other. Mixed astigmatism deals with both meridians having opposite effects, one is myopic, the other hyperopic. Astigmatism can be easily treated with contact lenses. Toric contacts are the contacts that is used for treating astigmatism. They have the same material of that regular contacts hence they can be either soft lens or RGPs. Toric lenses have two powers in them; one is for treatment of astigmatism, the other for either myopia or hyperopia. It also takes into consideration the blinks and eye movements of the user.

Before purchasing astigmatism contact lens, better consult your eye doctor for fitting and prescription. The doctor may utilize high-powered spherical soft lens to deal with astigmatism. The result of this technique is unique from one patient to the next so that is why the fitting process may take some trial and error by both patient and doctor.

There are a significant number of companies producing astigmatism contact lens. Consult your eye practitioner so he or she can recommend a brand with the best characteristics and suitable for your pair of eyes. Toric contact lenses come in the form frequent replacements, disposable and daily disposables.